kanye west’s breakdown was caused when ‘he altered his medications’

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First introduced back in the early Star Wars comics published by Marvel, Jaxxon spent his days gambling, smuggling and outrunning imperial slugs aboard his starship, The Lucky Rabbit’s Foot (see space lingo, above). Sound like anyone you know? Yes, Jaxxon was the comics’ answer to Han Solo. The two inevitably crossed paths and got into a few crazy adventures which were just as idiotic as you’d imagine..

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he has brought lawsuits against major cable companies, Charter and Comcast for what he frames as the telecommunications giants plainly avoiding doing business with fully black owned media companies.

How long you’re out there in the heat changes based on temperature: If it’s 90 degrees or under, you do the full 30 minutes on/30 minutes off rotation. If it’s over 90 but under 100, they might reduce the shift by five or 10 minutes. But the park guests want to see those characters and don’t care about how uncomfortable you are, and your manager can always check that temperature in the shade and keep you out there longer..

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