Consulate of The Republic of Madagascar

Courtesy call to Mr Premchai Karnasuta from our President Marc Ravalomana

13th November 2008

Our President Marc Ravalomana granted a courtesy call to Mr Premchai Karnasuta, President of Italian Thai Development Public Company Limited and Mr Warayoot Sermsaksakoon, Managing Director of Asia Thai Mining and President of Pan African Mining Corp., in presence of our Ministry of Energy and Mines, H.E. Mr Elisee Razaka. Several projects were developed during this call, Mr Premchai Karnasuta confirm that his Malagasy Company PAM will mine different minerals : coal, uranium, gold, diamond, that a railroad and a mineral harbor will be implemented within 2 years. The investment will reach over 1 billion US Dollars.

His interest for a large Sugar Mill Plant is on survey.

Our President will support Mr Premchai Karnasuta projects including a 5 stars hotel. Italian Thai Development PCL is one of the largest investor in Madagascar.


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