Consulate of The Republic of Madagascar

All foreign visitors to the Republic of Madagascar require entry visas.

PDF - 192.2 ko
Visa Application regulation and fee (PDF)

The Consulate of the Republic of Madagascar presents its compliments and has the honor to inform about Visa Application and conditions according to the Finance Law 2008 article 02.05.01 and 02.05.08, Effective 1st January 2014 as follows :

1/ Non Immigrant Visa Application stay below 90 days

Non transformable – non extensible.

PDF - 240.3 ko
Non Immigrant Visa Form (PDF)
Word - 150 ko
Non Immigrant visa form (docx)

- 1 Application Form (same for Tourist or Business)
- 1 ID Photo 2x1.5 inch or 5x4cm
- Original Passport and 1 copy
- Air Ticket for non residents in Thailand
- Visa Validity : Must enter before 90 days from date of issue
- Duration of stays for single or multiple entries : validity up to 90 days of stays.

Visa Fee Application Tourist / Business // Multiple Entries - Non Refundable  : 4,500 Thai Baht

Visa delivery : next working day.

+2,000 Thai Baht for RUSH VISA Non Refundable– release same day

2/ Immigrant Visa Application Stay above 90 days

Transformable and extensible.

PDF - 226.2 ko
Immigrant Visa Form (PDF)
Word - 150.9 ko
Immigrant visa form (docx)

- 1 Application Form
- 1 ID Photo 2x1.5 inch or 5x4cm
- Original passport and 1 copy
- Support documents :

  • Criminal Certificate / Police Clearance
  • Working contract
  • Shareholder / Director or any other proof of investment or retirement or study…
  • Articles of Association (copy)
  • Registration documents from Madagascar Authorities if any.

Visa Fee Application Non Refundable : 5,500 Thai Baht

Visa delivery : next working day.

+2,000 Thai Baht for RUSH VISA Non Refundable – released same day

Passports with Visa will be return by express mail at the current cost depending on the Country. (around 1,000 Baht)

Payment by transfer to the Consul Bank Account in Thai baht :

Doctor Daniel Etienne Henri DELEVAUX,
Consulate of Madagascar, 160 / 775-777 Silom Road, ITF Palace 30th Floor,
Bangkok 10500 - Thailand
c/o Bangkok Bank PLC - Head Office
333 Silom Road, Bangkok 10500 - Thailand
Swift code BKKBTHBK
ACCOUNT Thai Baht Saving Account 101-442213-1.

Or PayPal Account : Invoice PayPal for payment by Credit Card or PayPal account.

Dr Daniel E.H. Delévaux Honorary Consul

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